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Vibratory Bowls

tlv25bNeed help finishing, polishing, preplating or deburring your parts save time, money and labor while reducing the processes to achieve the desired look or texture that you require. We have found over the years that our Vibratory Bowls have been purchased to finish many different types of materials. Plastic, Silver, Gold, Brass, Stainless Steel, and Copper are just a few.

The Bench Top vibratory bowls are versatile to handle various types of applications:  Cleaning, Grinding, Burr removing, Surface finishing, Polishing, and Degreasing.

The following are just a few of the applications of C & M Topline Inc. Vibratory Bowls purchased:

  • De burr screw machined parts
  • Polish, tumble and de burr jewelry parts
  • Fine finish for small brass parts
  • Precision finish for medical and diagnostic parts

All three BENCH TOP MODEL VIBRATORY BOWLS are quick and easy to set-up. A Media & compound starter kits available with machine purchase.

Our Vibratory Bowls is a series of quality products that consists of three bench top model Vibratory Bowls.

  • TLV 25 – One-quarter cubic foot (8 QT)
  • TLV 50 – Half cubic foot (16 QT)
  • TLV 75 – Three-quarter cubic foot (24 QT)

All of our Bench Top Vibratory Bowls include the following features:

  • Heavy duty polymer bowl
  • Dump chute and expansion plug for the easy removal of media
  • Adjustable amplitude
  • Sound cover with speed handle
  • Available in all domestic and international voltages

Additional accessories for Vibratory Bowls for each model can be purchased separately or together with or without a machine purchase.

  • Floor stand (great if you have limited counter space)
  • Fluid system
  • Wall or Base Mounted Timer