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Rotary Tumblers

3barWe have found over the years that our machines have been purchase for many different types of materials. Plastic, Silver, Gold, Brass, Stainless Steel, and Copper are just a few.

The Bench top Vibratory Bowls are flexible to handle various types of applications:  Cleaning, Grinding, Burr removing, Surface finishing, Polishing, and Degreasing.

The following are just a few of the applications of C & M Topline Inc. Rotary Tumblers purchased:

  • Deburr screw machined parts
  • Polish, tumble and de burr jewelry parts
  • Fine finish for small brass parts
  • Precision finish for medical and diagnostic parts

Rotary Tumblers are available in three models including 2 and 3 bars as well as the Mini-Max (2 bars).  C & M Topline Inc. machines are quite versatile and have been in use throughout domestic and international markets since 1972.

Tumbling barrels are available in 5 sizes ranging from 22 fluid ounces to 8 gallons.  All barrels are constructed of high density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic and include leak proof stainless steel lids.  Motors for tumblers are available in two-speed or variable-speed and in domestic and foreign voltages.

2barAll of our tumbler bases include the following features:

  • Gloss white, high quality reinforced fiberglass base
  • Steel bars are coated with polyurethane and are precision-milled
  • Wet or dry tumbling
  • Made for industrial use
  • Solid steel bars, cast in urethane and precision ground
  • Great for deburring small parts
  • Easy to separate
  • Do steel ball burnishing at a very low cost
  • Can run different size barrels at the same time
  • We can build Rotary Tumblers with special bar spacing to accommodate your barrels

Machines manufactured by C & M Topline Inc. carry a full one year warranty on all parts. All component parts are line-replaceable.  Media and Compound starter kits are available with a machine purchase.