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Inter Ocular Lens (IOL) Finishing Equipment

This barrel finishing system can be used by many different industries.

  • Made for industrial and laboratory applications.
  • Used widely in IOL lens manufacturing.
  • We ship anywhere in the world.
  • Made in the USA

IOL Finishing Equipment Always In Stock!

The IOL tumbling barrel bases and IOL barrels are always in stock. They can usually ship within 24 hours. Domestically we ship them via UPS. Internationally we usually ship via airfreight. We have very competitive international air rates. Please contact us for current price and freight quotes.

IOL 3-Bar Tumbling Barrel Base


  • Highly polished white fiberglass base.  Designed for easy clean up.
  • Made for industrial and laboratory applications.
  • Solid steel bars cast in high quality urethane. All three bars are belt driven and fitted with ball bearings.
  • Available in 120 volts 60 hertz or 220 volts 50 hertz for export.
  • Rheostat speed control, select any RPM.
  • Used widely in IOL lens manufacturing.
  • Always good in stock.  We ship anywhere in the world.
  • Made in the USA

$1,649.00 (variable speed)

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Two bar machine with one TL-4 & two TL-3 barrels.
Barrels sold separately


IOL Tumbling Barrel w/ cover

(TL-1 MDT / IOL)

Special IOL Barrel Lid Design

This barrel was designed for the Optical Lens industry. This barrel also makes it perfect for many different industries. The electronic tumbling, jewelry finishing and polishing, Lapidary tumbling, aerospace precision finishing, dental equipment finishing, biotech and pharmaceutical ball mill, Chemical and compound mixing, industries are just a few.

This barrel is designed for wet or dry process. This is ideal for combining dry powders, ball mill, and chemical mixing, remove burrs, deflashing, ball milling, obtain a uniform appearance, and polishing.

  • Rotational molded then machined to a exact dimension for easy duplication of laboratory procedures.
  • Specially designed for the IOL industry.
  • Hexagon shape increased barrel efficiency, reducing run times.
  • Special tight fitting lid with silicon O ring seal, prevents polishing beads from getting crushed in the barrel opening..
  • Made in the USA


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IOL Tumbling Barrel Bases

We have been making our bases since 1986 and have thousands in operation around the world. Our three bar variable speed tumbling barrel base is widely used in the lens manufacturing industry. We offer IOL manufactures a very dependable low cost machine that will give thousands of hours of trouble fee lens polishing service. The base is made of high strength fiberglass with a high gloss finish. It has three metal bars that have been cast with 90-shore urethane for long life. The motor is a direct current (DC) motor that is controlled by a rheostat through an AC-DC converter. This allows infinite control for an exact RPM setting that may be easily duplicated for laboratories with multi machine operations. This base will hold eight of our IOL barrels.

We make this machine in 120 volt, 60 hertz for domestic use and 220 volt 50 hertz for overseas operation.  Procedures that have been developed domestically can be duplicated in overseas operations seamlessly. Our machines built for export, are built with 220 volt, 50-hertz components, no converts are used. This ensures dependable overseas operations. As with all our equipment, it is made in the USA.

The machines require no maintenance. The bearings on the roller bars are sealed and do not require greasing. The motor also has sealed bearings that require no grease. All moving parts are easily replaced if repairs are required.  All the spare parts are readily available and most technicians can perform the work.

IOL Tumbling Barrels

Many labs use glass jars to tumble lenses. This seems to work OK for the process. One flaw with glass barrels that are round on the inside, there is nothing to force the contents to roll in the barrel. The inside becomes very smooth and the contents just go up slightly and slip back down with no roll. There is very little work getting done in the barrel this way.

Our IOL tumbling barrels are octagon in shape with machined rolling rings so the barrel can roll. This octagon shape with flats inside the barrel, force the polishing liquid and lenses to roll. This rolling effect is how tumbling barrels do their work. As the fluid and lenses roll they travel much further in our barrels than in a round jar. So the run times will be shorter with increased efficiency. The Topline IOL barrels are made of molded high density polyethylene HDPE. The entire IOL barrels are machined after the molding process. All the barrel rings are machined to an exact size to insure accurate duplication of laboratory procedures or production processes. Our base holds eight of these barrels.

The lid in our IOL barrel is specially designed to fit tightly. Each barrel lid is hand fitted and has a silicone “O” ring to ensure a tight seal. The tight fitting lid keeps the polishing media from getting between the lid and the opening. There is a knob that is tightened to secure the lid. Our lid design makes it much faster to access the contents than in a screw top barrel. Our IOL barrels have a high quality look and feel at very economical price. As with all of our equipment, it is made in the USA.